Moteks Textile produces and trades every kind of cotton, viscon, polyester and synthetic fabrics. Considering competitive market, Moteks Textile takes transporting fabrics as soon as possible as a duty, while being mindful of the good of natural elements.

Thinking about the satisfaction of its customers more than anything, Moteks Textile creates a great work environment for its workers, which indirectly leads to a better service to the customers.

      In 1986, Moteks Textile was founded in Kahramanmaraş, the center of knitted fabric, as the first knitted fabric factory of the city. As a leader and pioneer of the city´s pursuit in becoming the center of knitted fabric, Moteks Textile set a good example for new investors. In order to keep up with the pace of the competitive environment, Çabasan Textile was founded in 1997 to work integrated with Moteks Textile. Later on, knitting machines were changed with new dye machines, in order to cover the needs of textile market. But since Moteks was the first factory of its kind in the city, it stayed active with a change in work field from knitted fabric to fabrics trade.

Moteks A.Ş. +90 (344) 251 28 90 Kahramanmaraş / TURKEY
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